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Friday,  September 24th

 30-YR FIXED (360 pymts @ $1244.68    2.875%   3.014% APR

  20-YR FIXED (240 pymts @ $1608.04)     2.625%   2.736% APR 

 15-YR FIXED  (180 pymts @ $1930.53)      2.125%   2.201% APR

 10-YR FIXED  (120 pymts @ $2760.40)      2.125%   2.198% APR

Based on a $300,000 loan, 45-day lock, single family owner-occupied, 80% loan-to-value, purchase or rate/term refi, no cash out, with >740 credit score, debt ratio not to exceed 43%. 



Camelot Mortgage Group is locally owned and operated and has provided loans throughout the state of Colorado for over 20 years.  Our small size allows us to keep our costs and rates lower than our competitors while providing outstanding customer service.  We don't charge any processing fees and will provide a cost estimate without a loan application.  We quote all closing costs up front with accurate payoffs and escrows.





Colorado License # LMB100008011   NMLS # 376234

Regulated by the Division of Real Estate


Camelot Mortgage Group, Inc. BBB Business Review